Frequently Asked Questions

How is the price for valet services determined?

Our services are normally billed at a flat hourly rate per valet attendant. Our current rates depend on how many valets you need as well as how long you need them for. Please call r more information for our parking service in Philly!

Where do the valets park the cars?

It is the clients responsibility to find a safe and secure location to store their guests vehicles. Once a proper parking facility has been secured, Leo Valet’s parking service in Philly will keep that parking lot safe, secure, & exclusive to the patrons of our clients. Our team will always be wearing a smile while interacting with your visitors.

What if something happens to my car? Is Leo Valet Insured?

Leo Valet is fully licensed, bonded and insured. We pull both event and property insurance to ensure that all of our guests and clients cars and property are safe and secure.

What hours do you provide service?

At Leo Valet we have the capacity to provide day and night event parking services as well as 24 hr valet management and parking management. If you have cars we work 24/7 365 days a year.

Will the valet know how to drive my car?

Of course! Our drivers are well versed in all new technologies, and are pros at stick shift vehicles too.

What location do you provide services?

Leo Valet provides parking services in Philly for events, resorts, hotels & country clubs in Pennsylvania. We service King of Prussia, Philadelphia, & the surrounding areas.